It’s been almost half year since they broke up. No one know how is their feeling now, but they are still be friends until now. They don’t care about what people say, people might be say “be friends with your ex is not good thing” but for sure, they know what the best for them.

“Hey, unnie!”

“Uh?” Jiae turn around her body to see who’s calling her. “Ah, why Yein?”

Yein, her new roomate, shakes her head. “Anniya, just calling cause unnie seems not here, what do you think about unnie?”

Jiae giggling softly. “Nothing, Yein. It’s not that important.”

“Really? Unnie is smiling widely before though?”

Am I? Oh God, I must be look silly. Jiae shakes her head. “Anniya, Yein.”

“Is this about him unnie?”

Now, Jiae is laughing softly. “Who?” ask her while walk outside their room, Yein walk towards her.

“Ravi sunbae. Isn’t it?”

“Come on, Yein.” Jiae choose to not tell anyone about what did she think before.


“Oh you bring Seonyeok?” Jiae only giggling while hug her cat and walk towards the guy who’s already waiting for her in front of a cafe in Myeongdong.

“Hello, Ravi hyung!” she hold the cat’s hand and make it waving to the guy.

“Seonyeokie, you look chubbier now!” they both giggling while playing with the cat named Seonyeok.

Seonyeok, Ravi gave this cat to Jiae as her gift on their monthsary celebration. It live with Jiae, sleep with Jiae and accompany Jiae when Jiae feels alone. Jiae love the cat so much.

“He is a bit naughty now, Ravi.”

“Really? Why?”

Jiae nodding. “Yes, you give me another pet right? He doesn’t let the puppy sleep with me.”

“How cute.”

“I know right?” Jiae laughing.

They never realized, they talk like a couple now. Even they sit on the cafe closely, like really close.

“How’s your day hm?”

Jiae shakes her head slowly. “Not that good.”

“Why is it Ji?”

Jiae is hesitate to tell Ravi. It’s related to him, and she don’t want to make him feel bad but she’s here, with Ravi keep looking at her waiting for her answer.


“Eung? Ah.. it’s just—“

“You don’t want to tell me?”

“No, it’s not like that. If I tell you, will you feel bad?”

“Is it about me Ji?”

“Hm—“ Jiae is take a deep breath then nodding. “You know, our relationship is never be simple? Like, you know we keep fight before, even I told you to go away and—“


“I even slapped you. And when you come to me again even after I told you to go away, it makes me confused but I decided to befriend you with the risk.”

“Is this about your friends?”

Jiae is sighing deeply, how can Ravi guess it easily. Is she that obvious?

“Yes…” she looking down, awkwardly patting Seonyeok’s head.

“They mad at you? When did you tell them Ji?”

“Yesterday, cause they keep wondering that I keep go outside and talk through phone with someone. So they asked me.”

“Then? They really mad?”

Jiae nodding again. “You know, it’s kind of they afraid, they protect me.”

“Protect you from me? That sounds—“

“Please, don’t make us awkward again after this Ravi.” She cuts his words.

Ravi is the one who’s sighing right now. “What did they said?”

“It’s up to you from now on.”

“Ji, that sounds bad, really.”

Jiae is keep looking down. She really wanna cry but it will make Ravi feels more bad.

“But, Ravi… it’s okay, trust me. They will accept my decision later.”

They are not talking for several minutes untill Ravi slowly reach his hand out to stroke Jiae’s hair.

“I trust you.”


Ravi is smiling before answering Jiae. “You will be fine you said, isn’t it?”

Jiae only nodding, Ravi continue his words. “I know you can go throught it, you are a strong girl now.”

“Me? Really?”

“Yes, and whatever your decision is, hope it will give you more strength, and bring your smile also happiness back.”

Jiae is let Seonyeok play alone with his toys and slowly look at Ravi. “My decision is, keep be friend with you, Kim Ravi. And, your words strengthen me already. Thank you?”

“Friends no need to say thanks, Jiae.”

Jiae is smiling widely after Ravi mess her hair. Look, they look like a couple once again. They never change, they are still like that.

“Ah, I haven’t ask. How’s your day?” Jiae asking.

“Huh? Me? Nothing special, it’s like I feel so bored today.”

“Wow, that’s kinda rare for you isn’t it?”

Ravi nodding. “You know that I feeling unwell since yesterday right? But I’m okay now.”

“Ah right, you told me. So what did you do?”

“I did my another hobby.”

“You have another one beside playing games?”

“Of course, silly!” he is laughing, Jiae is smiling.

“What is that?”

He is look at Jiae, slightly smiling. “It’s a secret!”

“Mwoyaaaa!!” she is slightly pouting. “Come on, you make me curious already.”

“Why? You want to know about boy thing?” He make a different tone on “boy thing” words which is turn Jiae into speechless.


Ravi is laughing more. “It’s sport Ji, sport! That’s called boy thing right?”

Jiae is rolling her eyes, slap Ravi’s arm softly but he is only laughing. “Why did you make me think about another thing?”

“You still that pervy, Yoo Jiae!”

Jiae shrughing. “I am embarassed.”

“I can see, your cheeks getting red anyway.”

“Stop tease me, omg.”

Ravi is laughing, seeing his laugh Jiae can’t choose but laugh along with him. They still laughing together, they still teasing each other, act like nothing happened between them before. They used to have big fought before, used to hurt each other with their words but now they are friends.

“Ji…” Ravi is calling her in the middle of their laughs.


“Why did you decide to keep be my friend?”

“Can I not answering this?”

“No, answer it please?”

Jiae is smiling, then she take out a small notes from her bag. She give it to Ravi, ask him to read the words she write by herself.


“It takes a strong person to admit that someone they had loved once no longer holds a place in their heart anymore. But it takes an even stronger person to respect your ex and the memories by offering them a place in your life.”

They both smiling after Ravi finished reading those words. They both keep smiling like that for some minutes before Ravi go to Seonyeok and play with him. Jiae look at them, and gigling softly. She is happy.

“Thank you, God.”



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